Ministry of Midwifery

Witnessing the miracle of birth is a sacred ministry.
Patti Barnes, CPM

Upcoming Training Events

Christian Childbirth Educator and Doula Certification

The Missionary Midwifery Training Program at Hartland College offers a thorough foundation in the ministries of childbirth education and doula services.

Midwifery Assistant Course

The Midwifery Assistant, also known as birth assistant or birth attendant, works in homes or birth centers under the supervision of a licensed midwife or nurse midwife. Her primary duty and priority is to assist the midwife.

Fast Track Missionary Midwifery Program (CPM)

The 30-week Midwifery course builds upon the foundation laid down in the CE/Doula course and Midwifery Assistant course.

"We were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherisheth her children."

1 Thessalonians 2:3


Patti's NEW Video Series on Childbirth...

Patti Barnes and Hartland College media team are excited to announce that Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN TV) has launched their newly produced program called DIVINE DESIGN. Patti is the presenter in this series of 13 episodes which looks into the incredible design of the baby in the womb. She also discusses the importance of prenatal care, how to lower the risk of C-sections and exposes some New Age practices in the field of childbirth. 

Explore the Ministry of Midwifery...

Welcome aspiring Christian midwiveschildbirth professionals, and expectant parents!  Patti Barnes, licensed Midwife in VA, author, speaker  and Director of Midwifery Program at Hartland College. She is dedicated to raising up the next generation of Christian midwives.

...and the Wonders of Childbirth.

May the Lord guide each one on their journey into parenthood or one of the childbirth professions.  Find answers to many important questions on this site.

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